Hi, my name is Paria.
An international UX designer and researcher with an engineering background. I am passionate about helping people with accessibility needs, the elderly and, children confidently navigate the digital world.
As a master student at École de Technologie Supérieure (Montréal, Canada), I worked on the User Experience of multiple haptic devices.
Over the past 4 years, I worked in the UX area both in academic and industry.

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Master's Project

Navigation Using the Haptic Feedback of a Mobile phone and a Smartwatch

Directional feedback with only the sense of touch and without looking at a screen

  • Brainstormed and ideated
  • Prototyped
  • Conducted Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • Analyzed and interpreted data using R studio
  • Presented results and analysis in a clean and concise manner
  • Used Haptic User Experience Methodologies

This project is currently confidential but I can send you a presentation by email.

UX Projects

Healthypal Application

A UX evaluation and redesign of a health platform

  • Redesigned the app to help users follow a one-month diet and workout plan
  • Used value management, user research, card sorting and other UX methods
  • Created design concepts/wireframes and final pixel perfect UI designs by using multiple tools including Balsamiq, InVision and Sketch
  • Worked in an agile environment and engaged development team during the build process
  • Reviewed the current mobile functionality to identify improvements
  • Conducted usability testing and defined strength and weak points
  • Incorporated gamification elements into the project

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A university admission form evaluation

A UX evaluation and recommendations of a university website

  • Conducted heurist evaluation for the website
  • Moderated in person user experience testing
  • Collected data with online survey, think aloud and interview
  • Represented the strength and weaknesses of the website
  • Provided step-by-step recommendations
  • Conducted System Usability Scale (SUS) and documented results
  • Presented collected data and analysis in a clear way

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A crowdfunding website evaluation

A UX evaluation and recommendations of a crowdfunding website

  • Conducted moderated remote usability tests
  • Collected data from Pre-test, Post-test questionnaire and Think aloud technique
  • Created Scenarios and tasks reflecting the company’s personas and objectives
  • Conducted System Usability Scale (SUS) and documented results
  • Analyzed quantitative data with SPSS
  • Presented results and analysis in a clear and concise manner
  • Provided step-by-step recommendations and solutions
  • Created a prototype of the recommendations with” Adobe-XD” software

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